Invoice Payment Methods

Growing your company abroad is a significant achievement, but it comes with complications when it comes to collecting and transmitting cross-border payments. Issuing invoices and tracking payments are two further considerations for global freelancers and independent contractors when billing clients worldwide.
Finding the appropriate means of paying invoices for businesses paying overseas suppliers of goods and services is critical to maintaining relationships with vendors and keeping costs on international money transfers low. Payoneer provides invoice payment solutions that allow businesses to pay and receive payments quickly, easily, and from any location.
Now that you have a new service or product to offer, you need to work out how your clients will be paying for the invoices. Whether you are a freelancer or own a business, the payment method and who it is beneficial for are important. This article explores the different invoice payment methods and what each of them offers for freelancers and businesses.

What Exactly is an Invoice Payment?

Invoice payment is money delivered by a company (the customer) to a supplier (the vendor) to pay for goods or services received. A planned payment toward the amount of goods and services supplied is referred to as an invoice payment. An invoice is a document that details the products or services sold and requests payment.
In most cases, the date, a unique invoice number, quantity, and VAT information are also supplied. Your business will send invoices to your consumers, which will prompt payment for the product or service you provided. Ensure you follow this approach exactly to enhance your chances of being paid on time and prevent embarrassing interactions with your consumers.

What are the Terms of Invoice Payment?

Depending on your cash flow and financial responsibilities, the conditions of an invoice payment will vary. You have complete control over your payment arrangements and due date. If you don’t specify a payment deadline, the consumer must pay you within 30 days after receiving your products or service invoice. You might provide discounts for early payment and full payment to promote prompt action.

Online Payments

Online payments are certainly the most used invoicing payment method for freelancers, small businesses, and online sellers. You can get paid online via online/global payment solutions, to your debit/credit card, local bank accounts, or even cash wallets. Payment platforms & PSPs like Payoneer, GooglePay, TW, etc. allow clients and customers all over the world to send payments internationally in multiple currencies. Signing up on these payment platforms is quite easy and they allow you to get the payments quickly and safely in your business & individual accounts in a couple of days. Payment methods like Payoneer are also linked with popular e-commerce & freelance marketplaces such as Upwork, Amazon, Fiverr, Airbnb, etc. making it one of the best online payment solutions for freelancers, clients, & sellers.